How to Install TestNG in Eclipse IDE for Selenium WebDriver

How to Install TestNG in Eclipse IDE for Selenium WebDriver

How To Install TestNG In Eclipse

Before going through how to install TestNG plugin in Eclipse IDE. Let’s see what is TestNG and the pre-requisities we need to install TestNG in Eclipse IDE.

What is TestNG:

TestNG is a testing framework designed to simplify a broad range of testing needs, from unit testing to integration testing.  Read more…

Pre-requisities to Install TestNG Eclipse:

We need to have the following
i. Selenium IDE
ii. Active Internet Connection

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Download and Install TestNG In Eclipse IDE

Follow the below steps to complete the installation.

Step 1: Open Eclipse IDE
Step 2: Download and Install TestNG

Please be patient. The video will load in some time.

Launch the Eclipse IDE. Go to ‘Help‘ and click on ‘Install New Software
Click on ‘Add‘ button
Enter the ‘Name‘ as you wish. Here I am adding as ‘TestNG‘. Add location as “” and click on ‘OK‘ button
If the above link wont work, use the beta version link “”
Note: You could always look back at TestNG site for the link (“ “)
In the Available Software list, you could see TestNG option
Just Click “TestNG” and press “Next” button.
Click on “Next” button
Click “I accept the terms of the license agreement” then click Finish.
Installation is completely done. Just click “Yes
Choose your workplace and click on “OK“.
After restart, Right click on your project to verify if TestNG was successfully installed or not. If it is successfully installed, you could see TestNG as shown below.

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