Why did you choose Software Testing as a career?

Why did you choose Software Testing as a career?

“Why did you choose Software Testing as a career” is one of the most common questions in the interview process. So get ready with an answer which impresses the interviewer. Jot down some points that relate to your own strengths and experience related to this and get ready with the answer. Don’t memorize and answer in the interview.

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  • Is software testing career a good choice?
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Each career path is unique, we can’t deny it. If you are looking to become a Software Tester or you are already a Software Tester then you have to give some good answer which impresses the interviewer.

Once completed the graduation, we will be in chaos to choose our career path. Some myths in industry related to choosing Software Testing as a career are

  1. Anyone can test. Development is better than testing.
  2. Salaries will be less compared to Developers in the industry
  3. Only the people who can’t code choose Software Testing as a career.
  4. There won’t be any growth in Software Testing.

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Gone are the days, see the below points to the above-mentioned myths. If you are in chaos in choosing Software Testing as a career then these points make you strengthen to choose software testing as a career (or) if you are already working as a Software Tester and worrying about your career growth then these points prove you that you have chosen a right career path.

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  1. Not everyone can test. One should need good analytical skills to become a Software Tester. You need to be good at communication skills for reporting and convincing others.
  2. Salary may be less when you start your career. Experienced Testers are earning the same level of the package compared to Developers. Many companies are offering much more salaries to the Automation Testers compared to Developers.
  3. It’s an old myth in the industry that one who can’t code can be a Software Tester. Record and playback days were gone. It’s an automation age. An Automation Tester writes code to automate the scripts.
  4. Growth – Tester will become Test Lead, Project Lead, Automation Architect, Test Manager etc., Ultimately everyone reaches to the manager level.

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Software Testing as a career – why I chose?

A simple answer is I love to be a Software Tester. So, I chose Software Testing as a career. I would like to mention a few more points on why I love to be a Software tester and chose Software Testing as a career.

I love solving logical puzzles. Testing is a kind of solving a logical puzzle. We will be given software that will go straight to the market if we nod our head that there are no bugs in the software and ready to release. We, the Testers are the protectors at the gateway. We not only find the bugs. We break the system too in terms of stress testing.

I love helping others. 🙂 I proudly say that as a Software Tester, I do help in releasing a quality product to the market. I can help in finding bugs that are hidden in the software. Even though Developers do their best to release a good product, there will be some mistakes.

I love to take challenges. In many projects, we need to do testing without having specification documents. It’s a big challenge to explore the system and find the bugs. Domain knowledge is also one of the biggest challenges a tester faces. We, the testers do explore the system and struggle to understand and finding bugs and report to fix and deliver a quality product to the market.

I love to write code too. Yeah, I am an Automation Tester. Who said one who can’t code can choose a career in software testing. As an Automation Tester, I write code to find the bugs in the system and involving in deliver quality product.

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I love to interact with people. As a Software Tester, I could get a lot of opportunities to interact with people (not only peers, I could discuss with Stakeholder). Testers need to know all parts of the application which they are going to test. So we need to discuss with clients too to get more information on domain knowledge. This way we could meet many people to share knowledge.

I love to be in a team where quality products will be delivered. Customers spend lots of money to buy a product. No customer will be happy if the product doesn’t work as intended. I play a role where I can deliver a quality product which not only make customer just happy, it makes customer delight.

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Final words:My work helps stakeholders sleep better.

Do you like to choose Software Testing as a career? If yes, start preparing your resume. I have posted some sample resumes for both freshers and experienced professionals. Click here  Sample Resume for Software Testers and get sample resumes and modify them as per your requirements.

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